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     Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

Vancor Elevator Specializes in Hydraulic Cylinder replacement and can have your single bottom cylinder replaced in as little as 2 weeks.

All New in-ground hydraulic elevator cylinders are protected from corrosion by encasing the cylinder in PVC or Cathodic Protection.

Hydraulic elevators manufactured before 1977 with in-ground cylinders that do not have PVC protection may have undetectable corrosion and deterioration of the bottom portion of the buried cylinder. The cylinder could corrode to the point where there is a risk of rupture and loss of internal system pressure, which could cause the elevator to fall, resulting in environmental damage, property damage or serious injury or death.

The replacement of all such unprotected cylinders must be completed by October 8th, 2015 as required by the BCSA.

BCSA options to solve this problem:

Remove the existing cylinder and replace it with a new cylinder with a PVC liner or Cathodic Protection.
Add a fall protection device (e.g. plunger gripper system