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Elevator Modernization

Although most types of elevators can be maintained effectively for a number of years, an elevator will typically have a lifespan of between 25-35 years, dependent on original manufacturer, type of elevator, quality of maintenance, and frequency of use.  Modernization of your elevator must be viewed as investing in the future of your building.   When an elevator is modernized it will be brought up to current code requirements, making it safer and more user friendly, more efficient, and typically quieter.

With our extensive knowledge of elevator modernization, we can modernize any elevator in a quick and efficient manner.  By undertaking detailed surveys prior to the commencement of work on site, we are able to streamline the modernization process of your elevator.  This will not only aid to minimize the downtime the elevator is removed from service, it will also help reduce any inconvenience caused to the buildings tenants.  Planning is the key to providing a smooth and efficient service to our clients.

Vancor Elevator only installs CSA approved, code compliant, non-proprietary equipment during the modernization.  All equipment we install has a track record of proven reliability, and is the most up to date, state of the art equipment available.